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Knot Cards
Now available for fun and learning

There are 52 cards plus two jokers for a total of 54 different
knots every hunter, fisher, boater, canoeist, hiker, boy scout,
girl guide, cowboy, cowgirl or rodeo clown should know.
As well, you get a 55th card which lists all the knots in the deck (see below).
The cards are produced on German stock, double coated plastic.

Cost is $6.99 (CA$) per pack.
Dealer enquiries welcome.

Single pack shipping to Canada is $3.00 (CA$)
Single pack shipping to U.S.A. $3.00 (US$)
Ask for quote on multi-pack shipping.

Samples of cards below. 
Cards are standard size and measure 2-1/2"(65 mm) X 3-1/2"(89 mm)

(The scanned image does not accurately show the clear and precise printing on the cards.)

The knots included on the cards are:
Angler's Loop
Artillery Loop
Barrel Knot
Bill Hitch - towing
Bowline on a Bight
Bowline - climbers
Bowline - ring
Branch Knot
Carrick Bend
Cat's Paw
Chain Sinnet
Clove Hitch - pole
Clove Hitch - post
Clove Hitch - ring
Constrictor Knot
Cow Hitch - post
Cow Hitch - ring
Double Fisherman's Knot
Double Overhand Bend
Dropper Loop
Figure Eight Knot
Fisherman's Bend
Fisherman's Knot
Half Hitches
Heaving Line Knot
Highwayman's Hitch
Hunter's Bend
Japanese Bend
Jury Mast Knot
Knotted Sheepshank
Loop on the Bight
Loop Knot
Multiple Clove Hitch - pole
Multiple Clove Hitch - post
Multiple Overhand Knot
Multiple Sheep Bend
Overhand Knot
Portuguese Bowline
Reef-Square Knot
Rolling Hitch
Running Bowline
Sheet Bend
Spanish Bowline
Stopper Knot
Surgeon's Knot Bend
Swivel Hitch
Tarbuck Knot
Thief Knot
Three-Part Crown
True-Lover's Knot
Water Knot